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Registration for
The Bridge Run 2025
opens on February 1st

A completely unique and grand experience awaits up to 40,000 runners celebrating the anniversary of the Øresund Bridge on June 15, 2025, running from Denmark to Sweden. Registration opens on February 1st at 12:00 pm (noon).

The sound of soft running shoes against the hard asphalt. The journey through the tunnel at the bottom of Øresund and emerging into the light on the bridge over the roaring sea. The feeling of being very small, surrounded by the gigantic bridge. The butterflies in the stomach when crossing the bridge alone – alongside 40,000 other runners.

The Bridge Run 2025 will be a unique experience, and at Øresundsbron, they look forward to inviting 40,000 runners to be part of the anniversary celebration:

“Øresundsbron is what binds us together, and we are really looking forward to welcoming runners and spectators – both from the region and our surroundings – to a unique race between two countries and over a fantastic bridge. A public celebration on both sides of the strait where we celebrate our community,” says Linus Eriksson, CEO of Øresundsbron.

Øresundsbron collaborates with a sports association on each side of the strait to ensure the professional execution of the large race. MAI (Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening) in Malmö and Sparta Atletik & Løb in Copenhagen have been chosen as operators. The proceeds from The Bridge Run 2025 will go back to sports in an equal distribution between Sparta Atletik & Løb and MAI.

Registration opens on February 1st
With exactly 500 days until Broløbet, registration opens in four weeks, on Thursday, February 1st at 12:00 pm (noon). The parties behind Broløbet are already busy preparing for the grand event.

“There is enormous interest in Broløbet, and we are already receiving many inquiries about when we open registration,” says MAI’s spokesperson Mats Svensson and continues:

“We are already working closely with Øresundsbron and Sparta to make this a fantastic and unique running festival in every way. We expect a lot of pressure on registrations on February 1st, so do not hesitate to sign up.”

Runners can look forward to a completely unique, grand, and festive half marathon between two countries, and there are relatively high expectations for the opening:

“Will the chance ever come again? No one knows. And with the very special setting, Broløbet in 2025 will be a truly unique experience – an experience for life. Therefore, we also have relatively high expectations that the bib numbers will be in high demand, and that we will send 40,000 off across the Øresund on June 15 next year,” says Dorte Vibjerg, CEO of Sparta Atletik & Løb.

Registration opens on February 1st at 12:00 and can be done on web site for The Bridge Run 2025:

Facts about The Bridge Run 2025:

  • The Bridge Run 2025 is part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of Øresundsbron and the Øresund region.
  • The Bridge Run 2025 is held in collaboration between Øresundsbron and the sports associations MAI (Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening) in Malmö and Sparta Atletik & Løb in Copenhagen.
  • Registration opens on February 1st at 12:00pm (noon), with 40,000 bib numbers going on sale.
  • The distance is a half marathon, 21.0975 km, and the price is DKK 700.
  • More information about The Bridge Run 2025 can be found at
  • Prior to the opening of the Øresund Bridge in 2000 and the 10th anniversary in 2010, there were bridge races between Denmark and Sweden. In 2000, there were 80,000 participants, and in 2010, there were 30,000 participants.
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