Frequently Asked Questions
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  • The Bridge Run will take place on Sunday, June 15, 2025, starting at 10:00 am.

  • Yes, you can indeed.

    Here you find information on how to log in and sell your bib number securely: https://bridgerun2025.com/this-is-how-the-resale-platform-works/

    If you want to buy a bib number you have to sign up for the waiting list. Read more here. 

  • The Bridge Run is 21,097 meters long, equivalent to a half marathon. It will not be possible to participate in other distances on this day.

  • There is a limit of 40,000 participants for The Bridge Run 2025.

  • To ensure the best possible experience for participants both before, during, and after the race.

    The proportions of The Bridge Run and the special circumstances surrounding the route and organization impose significant demands on both logistics and safety.

    The careful assessment is that 40,000 participants is the maximum capacity to provide participants with a safe and well-organized running experience within the timeframe with permission to close parts of an important transport route between Sweden and Denmark.

  • The start is in Tårnby, Denmark. The finish area will be in Sibbarp close to Malmö, Sweden.

    More information will come shortly.

  • The price for participating in The Bridge Run 2025 is 94 euro.

  • The event is organized in collaboration, with Øresundsbron as the host and Sparta Atletik & Løb and Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening (MAI) as organizers.

  • When organizing running events, achieving complete carbon neutrality is very challenging. However, we strive to optimize in alle possible areas. Responsibility for climate, nature and the environment is a central and crucial focus for both the organizers, MAI, Sparta and Øresundsbron. We seek the best possible solutions available in aspects such as logistics and in choice of materials and suppliers.

    We will work on specific focus areas and for a range of United Nations’ Social Development Goals, although all the details have not been finalized yet. It is a given fact that we strive to minimize the use of plastic and engage in responsible sorting and recycling of waste. Additionally, a key focus is ensuring no footprint is left on the island Peberholm and on taking good care of the sea Øresund.

    We aim to adhere to national and international standards, incorporating sustainability into all processes and implementing initiatives wherever possible. Leading up to June 2025, we will share more information about the initiatives we plan to undertake within the chosen focus areas.


  • From our experience with other races, items like backpacks and medals hold a significant value for the participants. For The Bridge Run, we have chosen to provide participants with a medal and a high-quality backpack instead of a t-shirt.

    In both the year 2000 and 2010, participants received backpacks that were well-received by the majority, and we still see those bags in the cityscape. We intend to produce a high-quality backpack, ensuring that a large majority of participants are pleased with it and will tend to use it for many years to come.

    We are focused on the production process to ensure the highest level of responsibility. We also offer participants the option to opt-out of receiving the backpack during registration and thereby allow each participant to make their own choice to limit their carbon footprint.

  • Yes, participants from countries other than Denmark and Sweden are also welcome to participate in the Bridge Run 2025.

  • The purpose of The Bridge Run 2025 is not to make money. Any potential surplus will be split 50/50 between Sparta Atletik & Løb and Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening (MAI) and will be used to create the best conditions for children, youth, and elite athletes to engage in athletics and running.

  • We have rented buses that will transport runners from Sweden to the starting area in Denmark in the morning. Similarly, there will be buses to transport runners back to Denmark as they finish. Bus transportation is included in The Bridge Run fee.

    Additionally, we recommend using public transportation whenever possible, as there are limited parking options at the start and finish. The metro stops a few hundred meters from the starting area, and the Øresund train operates regularly between Sweden and Denmark.

  • We aim to offer the best possible conditions for the runners while minimizing disruption to traffic on the bridge. Therefore, we chose June, as the weather is optimal for runners, and traffic on Sunday mornings before the holiday period is typically low.

  • There are no current plans to hold more bridge runs across Øresund, and we cannot guarantee that it will be an event that returns. The Bridge Run 2025 is a unique opportunity to cross the border between Denmark and Sweden on foot.

  • Due to the regular traffic flow on the Øresund Bridge, there is a necessary time limit of three hours to complete the race.

    We reserve the right to withdraw participants from the race if it becomes clear that they cannot meet the time limit.

    This corresponds to a pace of approximately 8 minutes and 30 seconds per kilometer. A bus will follow the field and pick up participants who are unable to meet the time limit.

    It is not possible to participate with ambitions to walk through the tunnel and over the bridge.

  • Due to the flow of regular traffic on the bridge during the day, it will not be possible to participate in The Bridge Run as a walking event. The race has a time limit of three hours to complete the race.

  • If you were born after 2008, you cannot participate in The Bridge Run. You must be 17 years old or turning 17 in 2025 to participate.

  • Yes, The Bridge Run welcomes participants with disabilities. You need to specify your disability during registration so that we can consider it in the planning of the race and for safety reasons. Please note that the special conditions with inserted buses for transportation to the start and back across The Øresund Bridge to Tårnby after the racee CANNOT accommodate wheelchairs and other special transport aids.

    For safety reasons, all participants in The Bridge Run 2025 must be registered during sign-up. Registered and approved companions will participate for free. If you have special needs or questions regarding companions or other issues regarding your participation with disability, please contact our customer service at: broloppet@mai.se

    Helpers/companions must register separately and will receive a race number, backpack and medal on an equal terms with other participants.

    The other time limits and age limits apply to all participants. You can find more information in the FAQ regarding these matters.

    We reserve the right to withdraw participants from the run if it becomes clear that they cannot meet the time limit.

  • You can edit your information at any time, such as your expected finish time on your profile.

    Note: You cannot change your name. If you have misspelled your name, please contact customer service via email at: broloppet@mai.se

    When you need to correct your personal information, you should use the login button on the Sportstiming page.

    There you should use the correct self-code you received in your receipt after registration. If you can’t find your receipt, you can have it resent by entering the email you used for registration right here: https://www.sportstiming.dk/kvitteringer

  • There will be an expo on each side of the Øresund in the days leading up to the Bridge Run 2025. You can freely choose whether you want to use the expo on the Swedish or Danish side. On the expo you collect your bib number and backpack by presenting your registration card, which is emailed to you a week or two before the race.

  • There will be an EXPO on each side of the Øresund in the days leading up to the Bridge Run 2025. On the expo you will collect your bib number and backpack. You can freely choose whether you want to use the expo on the Swedish or Danish side. When we enter 2025, we can provide more details about addresses and opening hours, and this will be communicated on this website and via email directly to all registered bridge runners.

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