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Strengthen employee engagement through The Bridge Run 2025

Does your company want to ensure its employees a spot in The Bridge Run 2025? And are you the person waiting with a smile and refreshments for the boss at the finish line in Sweden? 

We have made it easy for companies to provide their employees with a truly special experience to live out together – and train towards.

Here’s how it works: 


If you want to buy 25 starting numbers or less

Your company buys the desired number of bibs and pays via credit card or bank transfer. Afterwards, the company receives the ordered number of registration links so that employees can fill in their relevant information themselves.

Press the button below if you wish to buy 25 bibs or less for your company.

If you want to buy more than 25 starting numbers (RACE SOLD OUT FEB. 1)

Here, you can establish a corporate agreement by sending an email to customer service at  

Then you select the desired amount of starting bibs over 25. The agreement is binding and cannot be adjusted downwards afterwards. 

The company can then choose whether employees should have partial or full self-payment upon registration. 

The company can then register employees by: 

  • Entering all information about employees themselves.
  • Inviting relevant employees via email to register individually.
  • Receiving a link that employees can share when registering. 

The company receives a login and can monitor employees’ ongoing registrations. 

On May 1, 2024, the company pays for the selected number of bibs. The company also pays for the bibs that have not yet been used by employees. The company is thus guaranteed the selected number of participants and can subsequently enter information about the relevant employees. 

Ongoing registration
If your company does not know the number of employees in advance, you can also choose ongoing registration. Here, the company pays subsequently for the number of employees who have signed up. 

In the case of ongoing registration, it should be noted that The Bridge Run may be sold out along the way. In that case, it will not be possible to register more participants. 

Each bib costs the same whether you are a private individual or a company buying a large or small number of starting numbers. This way, there is full transparency about the price and equal conditions for all participants.

With our flexible corporate agreements, you can ensure that you and your colleagues strengthen both community, health, and well-being through a shared run that may not be offered again. 

The Bridge Run offers the opportunity to share a thrill of greatness that has full potential to be a topic of conversation during the lunch break for many years to come.

Are you the contact person for a company that has purchased more than 25 starting numbers? If so, you can log in through the button here:

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