Registration and Participation Terms for The Bridge Run/Broloppet/Broløbet 2025
Registration Terms

The Bridge Run/Broloppet/Broløbet 2025 is organized by Sparta Atletik & Løb (10050979) and Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening, MAI (846000-3752), hereinafter referred to as the Organizers. 

For registration and participation in the The Bridge Run/Broloppet/Broløbet 2025, the following terms and conditions apply. 

  • The Organizers will collect personal information during registration. The personal data is stored by the Organizers but is never disclosed or sold to third parties except as mentioned below or in connection with anonymized statistics.  

    Upon registration, participants are required to provide the following personal information:  

    • Name
    • Gender
    • Club
    • Country
    • Company name (if applicable)
    • Year of birth
    • Nationality
    • Mobile number
    • Email address

    Name, gender, starting number, club, country, company name, year of birth, and nationality will be visible on participant and result lists. The bib will display participants starting number, first name, and nationality. Starting numbers, participant, and result lists are publicly accessible. Participants have the option to have their name anonymized and/or to participate without specifying nationality if desired. 

    Email and mobile numbers are used to send necessary information about the race to participants. Participants do not have the option to unsubscribe from informational messages as they are essential to ensuring the event can be carried out smoothly. Email and mobile numbers are not shared with others.  

    For more information on how we collect, process, and store personal information, please refer to our privacy policy (link). 

  • Registration for The Bridge Run/Broloppet/Broløbet 2025 is done as specified on the race’s website, 

    To participate in the race, you must be at least 17 years old by 2025. Participants under 18 years of age must have parental consent to participate. 

    Participants with functional variations can participate under the same conditions as other runners and may bring an assistant if needed. However, having an assistant on a bike or a service dog in the running field is not allowed. The accompanying person must also be registered, as for safety reasons, we need to know who is on the bridge. 

    For safety reasons, it is not allowed to run over the bridge with a backpack, running bag, treadmill, or similar. Similarly, equipment such as jogging strollers and hand bicycles are not allowed, as they are not permitted on the bridge. 

  • The registration fee is exempt from VAT according to Danish and Swedish legislation on VAT exemption for non-profit associations. The registration fee can be paid in either Danish Kroner (DKK) or Swedish Kronor (SEK). In addition, an administration fee is charged in either DKK or SEK, including VAT, per participant. 

    Payment can be made using Dankort, VISA/Dankort, VISA, Euro Mastercard, Visa Electron, MobilePay Online, Swish, and Maestro. 

    The payment system is secured against misuse with a TLS solution. TLS is a system that encrypts all information you send to us during payment. This means that neither we nor others (except NETS, ePay & Worldline) can obtain complete information about your payment card. The TLS system also ensures that data between your browser and our server cannot be altered. The payment module is handled by NETS Easy and ePay. 

  • Immediately after registration, the participant receives an order confirmation via email. If no confirmation is received or if there are errors in it, customer service should be contacted (for contact information, see below). The participant also receives a personal login for their registration profile, which is available on Sportstiming. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all information is correct and up-to-date and to update the profile or inform the Organizers if any details change.

  • The registration is binding, and there is no right of withdrawal for the purchase of a race entry. The registration fee is also not refundable for any other reason. If the participant no longer wishes to participate in the race, it is possible to transfer the entry to another person according to the description below. 

  • It is possible to transfer a race entry to another person for a fee. The fee is paid by the participant who wishes to transfer the entry. The transfer is done through the participant’s online profile. It is possible to transfer the entry directly to a specific person or offer the entry through the Organizers’ resale portal. The transfer is not valid until the new participant has paid for the entry and received an email with a valid voucher code issued by the Organizers. 

    Tickets or entries to cultural and sports events may not be offered or resold for a higher amount than originally acquired unless an agreement with the Organizers exists.  

    A complimentary race entry or an entry purchased with a discount or in any other way at a reduced price cannot be transferred to another person.  

    A race entry may not be commercially resold or used commercially for packaging (i.e., sold together with other goods or services), competitions, resale, or similar, unless expressly authorized by the Organizers. 

    Unauthorized use of a race entry may result in the revocation of the entry or disqualification. 

    The Organizers are not responsible for misuse or fraud in connection with the transfer of a race entry, even if the entry has been disseminated on the race’s official platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. 

Conditions of participation
  • A race entry is personal. For security reasons, the race entry must be registered with the participant’s details so that the Organizers constantly know who is in the race. It is not allowed to transfer one’s race entry to another runner without completing an official transfer of the race entry (see under Transfer of race entry), where the race entry is updated with the new runner’s details.  

    All participants must run with a bib number. The participant must personally pick up the bib number the days before the race. The Organizers will provide detailed information closer to the competition day regarding the time and place for bib number pickup. To obtain the bib number, the participant must present the start confirmation sent via email before the race. Unauthorized use of the bib number will result in disqualification. 

    Bib number pickup on the competition day is at the participant’s own risk, and delays due to, for example, traffic conditions, queues at the pickup location, and similar, are the participant’s responsibility. 

  • Participants are advised that there is a net time limit for The Bridge Run/Broloppet/Broløbet 2025 of 3 hours, starting when the participant crosses the starting line. If, during the course, we assess that you cannot complete the race within 3 hours, we reserve the right to remove you from the race.  

    If a participant cannot complete the race within the time limit or for any other reason, there will be pick up buses on the bridge. However, the buses can only operate after the last participant has passed. Therefore, participants should expect a waiting period before the pickup can take place. 

  • Images, film recordings, interviews, and similar media materials featuring participants in connection with The Bridgerun/Broloppet/Broløbet 2025 may be freely used by the Organizers, sponsors, and collaborators, including for marketing purposes. Photos and videos used by the Organizers may be published in printed materials as well as online, such as on websites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All photos and videos are subject to copyright and may not be used in any way for marketing or commercial purposes by third parties without the approval of the Organizers. 

  • Please note that for members of Sparta Atletik & Løb or MAI who register for the race, the general terms and conditions for membership in Sparta Atletik & Løb or MAI also apply in connection with The Bridgerun/Broloppet/Broløbet 2025.

Liability & Canceled race
  • By registering, the participant confirms that they understand that participation is at their own risk, and neither the Organizers, collaborators, nor sponsors can be held responsible for any injuries that the participant incurs during the race.

    Participants must be well-trained, healthy, and able to complete the entire course independently. On the back of the bib number, participants can provide specific information regarding their health conditions.

  • The Organizers may cancel the race in the event of force majeure, i.e., due to circumstances on the race day or the days leading up to the race that make the execution of the race impossible or unreasonable, such as government orders or prohibitions, storms, accidents, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Organizers. 

    Furthermore, the Organizers reserve the right to cancel the race if the weather is deemed too dangerous (strong gusts of wind, heavy rain, heatwave, or similar) to conduct the race safely without jeopardizing the health of the runners when crossing the bridge. 

    In the event of race cancellation, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the registration fee or any other costs associated with their registration for the race. 

    However, the Organizers will do their best to take appropriate measures to minimize the financial costs arising from the cancellation of the race. If the race is canceled, any profit from the event may result in a partial refund of the participant fee corresponding to the surplus. 

    If the Organizers, before the race day, determine that it is not possible to conduct the race due to force majeure or if it is deemed too dangerous, as mentioned above, the Organizers reserve the right to postpone the race. In the event of a race postponement, any surplus from the event will not be refunded to the participants. 

  • The Organizers reserve the right to change practical details related to the execution of the race. This reservation applies both online on the website, in social media, and in printed materials until the race day. All crucial practical information and details about any changes will be communicated on the website and sent via email and/or SMS to the participants. It is the participant’s responsibility to stay updated on any changes.

  • Upon registration, participants will be asked to accept the above participation terms. By checking the box for acceptance of the terms, the participant acknowledges and accepts these terms in their entirety, including aspects related to participation at one’s own risk and the procedures in case of a canceled race. 

  • For inquiries, please contact the Organizers.

    Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening (MAI)
    Eric Perssons väg 53 217
    62 Malmö
    +46 (0)40 – 86 900

    Sparta Atletik & Løb
    Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 11
    2100 København Ø
    +45 41 77 20 25

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