A race to the border – and beyond

Borders are meant to be crossed. And that’s exactly what you’ll do when you participate in The Bridge Run 2025.

The race will start in Tårnby, Denmark. Here, there will be toilets and an opportunity to leave baggage. Along the way, you will cross the border between Denmark and Sweden before crossing the finish line in Limhamn outside of Malmö. You don’t need to bring your passport, but remember to bring your good spirits because it will be a celebration for all your senses from start to finish.

The course

It’s easy to find 21.097 kilometers of asphalt to run on. However, what awaits you at The Bridge Run 2025 is truly special. You can look forward to a journey on a fantastic and unique course.

Normally, the tunnel and Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden are off-limits to pedestrians. But on June 15, 2025, this connection – exceptionally – opens for participants of The Bridge Run. However, only this single morning. So, don’t miss this opportunity to cross the Øresund on foot. Because once the race is over, there are no plans for it to come back.

Bridge Run 2025 starts in Tårnby, Denmark. From here, you run towards the highway, down the exit ramp, and into the tunnel. The journey through the tunnel is four kilometers long, and at its lowest point, you’ll be running 21 meters below the surface of the sea.

When you emerge from the tunnel, you continue for four kilometers across the artificial island of Peberholm before reaching the highlight of the route, The Øresund Bridge. Here, you can look forward to eight kilometers with the most amazing view – whether you look right, left, up, or ahead. After about 2.5 kilometers on the bridge, you cross the border between Denmark and Sweden. In the middle of the bridge, you find yourself 57 meters above sea level. From here, you can see all the way to the finish on the Swedish mainland.

Entry list

The Broløbet 2025 has space for 40,000 runners from Denmark, Sweden, and the rest of the world. On the link below, you can keep track of who is registered for the race – and perhaps find yourself?

Bag drop

When you arrive at the starting area, you can drop off your baggage. Afterward, we’ll make sure to transport it to the finish area in Sweden, where it will be waiting for you when you cross the finish line, allowing you to change into dry clothes.

We recommend that you arrive at the starting area well in advance, as there may be a queue for baggage drop-off.

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We provide free transportation with buses for alle runners – both from Sweden to Tårnby before the race and from Malmö back to Denmark after the race.

The transportation is included in the price when you participate in the race. Additionally, it’s easy to use the metro to get to the starting area, and the Øresund train stops at Copenhagen Airport in Denmark and Hyllie Station in Sweden.

Pacer groups

Would you like to run with others at a steady pace that suits you? Then you can join one of our many pace groups. They are led by highly experienced runners who are accustomed to maintaining a consistent and steady pace.

You don’t have to follow a pace group if you prefer to run at your own pace. However, before the start, it’s important to position yourself in the group that has a roughly similar pace to what you intend to run, as it creates the best flow in the organization of the race.

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