The route for the Bridge Run 2025 over the Oresund offers clear contrasts both below and far above the sea level. 40,000 participants will share a unique experience around the connection between Sweden and Denmark in a race that will be hard to forget.

Participants in the Bridge Run 2025 can look forward to a half marathon route that goes both under and far above the Øresund. The organizers from Sparta Athletics and Running and MAI (Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening) have now revealed the route.

The 21.097 km route, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the inauguration of the Øresund Bridge, will stretch from Øresund Park in Tårnby to the finish line at the Sibbarp coastal area outside of Malmö. From the starting area in Denmark, participants warm up before running down a 4 km illuminated tunnel to Peberholm, going 21 meters below sea level. The route then takes them up into the light, 57 meters above the Øresund, with a view of the finish line in Sweden. An experience of sharp contrasts that adds an explosion of developments in light, sound, and altitude sensation to the running community.

“Running under and over the sea and crossing a national border automatically provides an experience beyond the ordinary. With ample space for the starting area in green surroundings at Øresund Park and smooth access to the Øresund Bridge and the finish area at the Sibbarp Park coast in Limhamn, previous participants in the Bridge Run will likely feel an improvement in the quality of the running experience,” says CEO of Sparta Athletics and Running, Dorte Vibjerg.

Clear expectations of selling out
Registration opens on February 1st at 12:00 PM, with an expectation that the race will sell out.

“Danes are making themselves quite a unique story due to their dedication to experiences and fellowship associated with running. There are so many positive effects waiting to happen from this movement, whether we talk about economics of health, solidarity, or the fight against loneliness. We want to continue build on that by giving 40,000 participants a lifelong memory when they run over The Øresund Bridge together,” says Dorte Vibjerg.

In 2024, the Copenhagen Marathon sold out for the first time in the history of the race, while 27,000 bibs for the Copenhagen Half sold out in a few weeks, with over ten months until the start. The Bridge Run has also prompted a high amount of interest pointed towards both Danish and Swedish organizers from Sparta Athletics & Running and MAI.

“Running under and over the sea and crossing a national border automatically provides an experience beyond the ordinary.”

New bellies get bibs for The Bridge Run
Dorte Vibjerg expects that the unique character of the run will attract a different group of participants than those attracted to events like the Copenhagen Half and Copenhagen Marathon.

“Many of us won’t cross The Øresund Bridge in running shoes again to celebrate a major anniversary and the brotherhood between Denmark and Sweden. Adding the unforgettable experience on a very special route, we expect to attract many participants to the Bridge Run who may not necessarily have been regulars in our other races,” says Dorte Vibjerg.

The Bridge Run will start on Sunday, June 15, 2025, at 10:00 AM.

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