Runners from Denmark, Sweden and the rest of the world rushed in and bought all 40,000 starting numbers for the Bridge Race 2025 in a short time. This means that the Øresund Bridge, along with the organizers, now can announce that the Bridge Race 2025 is completely sold out. The event is scheduled for next summer in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Øresund Bridge.

A half marathon across the Øresund Bridge from Denmark to Sweden is a rare opportunity. Over 40,000 runners seized the chance when, on Thursday at 12:00, they stormed in and grabbed all the starting numbers off the shelves. The fortunate ones secured their participation in the Bridge Race in 2025, and shortly after the registration opened at 12:00 on Thursday, the organizers had to announce it was sold out. At times, there was so much pressure on digital payment systems that the system couldn’t meet the demand.

On Sunday, June 15, 2025, 40,000 runners will be ready in the starting area at Øresundsparken in Tårnby. Ready to embark on an unforgettable half marathon that will take them 21 meters below and 57 meters above the sea surface on their way across Øresund to the finish area in Sibbarp in Malmö.

The occasion is the 25th anniversary of the Øresund Bridge, celebrated with a series of events next summer.

“The Bridge Race will be a highlight of the anniversary year, and to all runners, we send a big greeting; now it’s time to start training,” says CEO Linus Eriksson from Øresundsbron.

Exceeding all expectations, the Bridge Race 2025 is organized by two associations, Malmö Allmänna Idrottsförening (MAI) and Sparta Atletik & Løb, who now have 16 months to plan the major event down to the smallest detail.

“We were prepared for high demand, but we didn’t expect all spots to sell out so quickly. Now we will work to create an amazing running festival for all participants next year,” says Mats Svensson, spokesperson for MAI.

He is supported by his Danish colleague, who, after a sold-out Copenhagen Marathon and CPH Half, can now put the sold-out sign in the window for the third time in a month:

“This is incredible. After just a few hours of sales, we can add Bridge Race 2025 to the list of major races that have sold out sooner than expected. We are really looking forward to organizing Bridge Race 2025 next summer, and the rapid sales give us the peace of mind to ensure the framework for the race so that participants have the most optimal running experience possible,” says CEO of Sparta Atletik & Løb, Dorte Vibjerg.

Øresundsbron: Press Officer, John Alexander Sahlin: +46 (0)730 64 09 00

Sparta Atletik & Løb: CEO, Dorte Vibjerg: +45 2262 2026

MAI: Spokesperson Mats Svensson, through Fredrik Montgomery: 070 670 55 40

Facts about the Bridge Race 2025
· The Bridge Race 2025 is part of the Øresund Bridge’s 25th-anniversary celebration.

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