Did you experience issues when signing up?

When The Bridge Run 2025 opened registration on Thursday at 12 noon, the organizers were overwhelmed by the massive interest. We had prepared for significant pressure, but in our wildest imagination, we never anticipated a queue of 100,000 people. We admit that openly.

Unfortunately, this led to periods where the systems couldn’t keep up with the pressure, resulting in disappointments for many who waited in vain and were kicked off. Additionally, there were issues with the payment systems Swish and Worldline, creating further obstacles.
Since then, we have been working tirelessly to find solutions and respond to all the inquiries we have received.

Here are answers to many recurring questions

I have paid, but I haven’t received a receipt/confirmation?

Answer: Please check your spam filter. If it’s still not there, you can request a resend of your receipt here
It’s also possible to log in with your Sportstiming profile and see all your orders, provided you didn’t register as a guest.

I paid with Swish, but my order still shows as unpaid.

Answer: If you paid with Swish and your order still appears unpaid, your ticket is secured. We are in communication with Swish and Worldline, working to resolve it, but your ticket is guaranteed.

I reached the payment stage but got kicked off?

Answer: If you reached the payment stage, we have recorded your spot. You will receive an email from Sportstiming with the option to complete a new registration and payment to secure your ticket. Remember to check your spam. If you haven’t received the email by Sunday, contact customer service on Monday.

I paid double. How/when will I get a refund?

Answer: We will review all tickets next week and automatically refund if people have paid double.

It says my order will be canceled in four days if payment isn’t registered. Will it happen?

Answer: No, we are extending the deadline for this race. If you have an unpaid order, you have secured a spot if your payment goes through.

I got kicked off during registration. What should I do?

Answer: You can sign up for our waiting list, where people wanting to resell their number or those who made a double payment will be released to the waiting list .

Why wasn’t the system prepared for high traffic?

Answer: We were prepared for the anticipated high interest in Broløbet 2025 with substantial extra server capacity. However, we never imagined selling over 100,000 tickets at once.

How can I edit my personal details?

You can edit your information at any time, such as your finishing time, on your profile.
NOTE: You cannot change your name. If you have misspelled your name, please contact customer service.
When you need to correct your information, use the login button on Sportstiming’s website.
There, you should use the self-edit code you received in your receipt after registration. If you can’t find your receipt, you can have it resent by entering the email you used for registration right here: https://www.sportstiming.dk/kvitteringer


How does the waiting list work?

We always experience a level of buying and selling of bib-numbers at major races. If individuals registered for the event get injured or are unable to participate on race day due to other reasons, they will sell their bib-number through our resale platform, and we identify the buyer from the waiting list through a lottery.

If you get the opportunity to purchase a bib number, you will receive an email from Sportstiming, and then you have 36 hours to respond. If you do not respond within 36 hours, you lose the chance, and the bib-number moves on to the next person on the list.

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