When up to 40,000 runners participate in a half marathon across the Øresund on June 15, 2025, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Øresund Bridge, the total distance covered will be equivalent to 21 times around the equator. 

Registration for the Bridge Run 2025 opens on February 1. A significant race, a fascinating route, an unforgettable experience. 

 The Bridge Run 2025 is held in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Øresund Bridge. Shortly before the bridge opened in 2000, a half marathon across the Øresund was also arranged. At that time, the capacity was twice as large since the bridge was not yet open to traffic, and all lanes were open to the event – no less than 80,000 people took part. 

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, but the Øresund Bridge remains the same, and the organizers look forward to giving runners the opportunity on its 25th anniversary. 

 “Both we at Sparta, our Swedish organizing colleagues, MAI, and the hosts Øresundsbron are incredibly excited to celebrate the bridge’s anniversary with 40,000 runners, who will have a truly special and unforgettable running experience,” says CEO of Sparta Atletik & Løb, Dorte Vibjerg, adding: 

 “The Bridge Run across the Øresund is truly special and a unique experience – it will be ‘once in a lifetime’ for many. It is no surprise, that we experience great interest from potential participants eager to register, which is possible on February 1 at 12:00.” 

 Many interesting figures are related to Bridge Run 2025. Here are some of them. 

The Bridge Run in figures

  • 40,000 runners cover a total of 843,900 km during the Bridge Run 2025. 
  • The distance is equivalent to about 21 times around the Earth. 
  • …or to the moon and back + once around the Earth. 
  • In total, 1.2 billion steps are expected to be taken at the Bridge Run 2025. 
  • Approximately 143 million vehicles have crossed the Øresund Bridge since its opening in 2000. 
  • For the Bridge Run in 2000, there were 80,000 participants. 
  • The oldest participant in the Bridge Run in 2000 was Oscar Gustafsen, 84 years old. 
  • In the Bridge Run in 2000, participants from 48 different nationalities took part. 
  • The finish area at the Bridge Run in 2000 was the size of 100 football fields. 
  • The tunnel in the Øresund Connection is approximately 4 km long. 
  • Along the way, Peberholm is crossed, consisting of 7.5 million m³ of seabed material. 
  • The Øresund Bridge’s high bridge pillars rise 203.5 m above sea level. 
  • The route reaches its highest point at 57 m above sea level. 
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